Why Us

Advantage and Why us?
We are One of the Largest Manufacturer in Taiwan

Our Team BEST NOTCH is a customer oriented specialist in Threaded and Pressed Barlink SBT Couplers company, with the aim of providing engineered solutions to its customers. With our technical expertise and a fleet of specialized equipment,we have the ability to provide superior cost effective solutions that meet customers budget and timelines

From its Inception BEST NOTCH has been one of the success organizations. And while the company continues to build upon the success of its customers

Our goal is clear we strive to be number one and we want people to know about it We lead the marketplace through Vision, Technology and Services.

We never lose sight of what really matters: the satisfaction and success of our customers. Our strategy, our products and our services are developed with the goals of our customers in mind.

Our Team

We take ownership of a task or project, and follow it through to completion. We plan in minute detail, initiate and pre-qualify actions, continuously drive projects forward through follow up and review processes. Consequently we can be relied upon.

BEST NOTCH coupler reduces rebar congestion and improves concrete flow & consolidation. It offers greater flexibility in design options. The simplicity in detailing of reinforcement, particularly in reinforcement congestion zones minimizes the reinforcement fixing errors, detailing and fixing of seismic reinforcement becomes effortless. Workability with higher steel-to-concrete ratio allows optimum sizing of RCC