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Rebar Coupler

Reinforcing Bar Couplers

Lapped joints are not the good selection to connect reinforcing bars. It is not a suitable way to plan reinforced concrete as congestion heaves within the concrete due to greater amount of rebar used. There is the dependency of lapped joints on concrete to transfer the load. This is the cause for the filth of concrete integrity which considerably has an effect on the function of the joint.

Reinforcing bar coupler suggests planning and designing reinforced concrete to lessen the amount of reinforcement needed.

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Best Notch is widely recognized for our customer-first approach and the high-quality products that we provide construction professionals just like you. We provide advanced engineering solutions including the Threaded and Pressed Barlink SBT Couplers that your project requires. Our technical expertise is unrivaled, as is our superior customer service.


We owe it to you, the customer, to provide the advanced engineered rebar solutions that your project requires. We will take ownership of the project and will see it through to the finish. We utilize extensive review and follow-up to ensure your satisfaction at each stage of your construction project.

Top Quality Rebar Couplers from Best Notch

As a construction expert, you know that the quality of the materials you use is one of the most important elements to getting the job done right. If you’re looking for the highest quality rebar couplers, turn to the experts at Best Notch for the Threaded and Pressed Barlink SBT Rebar Couplers that you need.

Because modern building code requirements require longer lap lengths for some rebar sizes the problem of congested masonry cells and trouble with construction has caused headaches for professionals across the construction industry. While some builders choose to use open cell blocks, this is an inexpensive option that is not always optimal. Mechanical Rebar couplers can eliminate the lap, helping lessen the amount of reinforcement that is necessary.

Are you looking to purchase Threaded and Pressed Barlink SBT Rebar Couplers? We are widely recognized across the region and are the preferred providers for companies in Dubai and the surrounding areas.

Why Buy Reinforcing Bar Couplers?

Because reinforcing bar is sold in lengths of sixty feet, most major construction projects will find it necessary to splice the rebar due to shipping constraints or for more efficient use. When two rebar segments need to be reconnected, many professionals will utilize the lap splice. A lap splice is created by wiring together two overlapping lengths of rebar. Overlap lengths are subject to local building codes, but ultimately, this is not the strongest way to connect reinforcing bars.

A significant amount of congestion is created when utilizing the lap splice, and the integrity of the concrete can be weakened. Reinforcing bar couplers provide a direct connection between the ends of the bars, which is a much better solution than lap splicing.

What are the Benefits of Reinforcing Bar Couplers?

Using a reinforcing bar coupler can benefit your project in a number of important ways, including:

  • Improving the continuity and structural integrity of the bar
  • Turn your spliced bars into continuous rebar, which allows for better tension strength
  • Improve compression
  • Enhance stress reversal

On top of these benefits, reinforcing bar couplers are easy to install, and ultimately, they have a higher tensile strength than reinforced concrete lap splicing.

Why Choose Best Notch?

Best Notch is the preferred provider for rebar couplers in Dubai and across the region. Our experts understand what your project needs, and we’ll be there to provide the guidance and support that you need on your side. We’ll help you determine the coupler you need and make sure that it is the best solution for your construction project.

At each stage of your customer journey, Best Notch’s rebar coupler experts will help you find the smart construction solutions. Our clients will tell you that our engineered bar systems have helped them be more productive and have improved the safety level on their project sites. Our products are available and within reach whenever you need them. We are proud of the quality of each coupler we sell, and our products meet and exceed the most demanding international approvals. It’s our goal to maximize customer satisfaction by meeting all specified requirements and being there to answer any questions you may have.

Providing a Wide Range of Precision Engineered Rebar Couplers

Best Notch’s rebar splicing solutions are allow you to swiftly connect reinforcement bars of various grades and diameters. These mechanical-grade splicing solutions have been independently accredited by notable regulatory bodies on each continent.

If you would like more information about our product specifications for your country, please refer to the appropriate section.

Range of Rebar Couplers

Well known in the construction industry, Best Notch rebar splicing solutions allow to swiftly connect reinforcement bars of various grades and diameters.
Our mechanical splicing solutions are accredited by major independent regulatory bodies in all continents. For more information about product specification for your country, please refer to our section.

Upsetting Parallel Threaded Coupler

Upsetting type rebar couplers are parallel thread couplers that can enlarge the minimal diameters of a piece of rebar by cold forging them and then cutting the thread. Once the thread has been cut, the smaller thread diameter will still be larger than the nominal diameter of the rebar, so it will make a strong connection. Because the threads have been cut, it is incredibly easy to connect and install. installation rebar couplers and also it can have rapid connection for rebar. The advantages of a parallel threaded coupler system is the improved continuity of the rebar. It allows for full ductile elongation of the bars, while preventing congestion. Cycle time and steel wastage is dramatically reduced. With this system, you no longer need to worry about staggering the bars, and the use of dowels can be avoided. Hi-tech steel is a threaded connection that guarantees maximum tensile strength of the splice.

Reducing Coupler

Reducing couplers are commonly used in construction, engineering projects all over the world. Made from superior quality materials, our wide variety of reducing couplers are available to you at prices that you can afford. Reducing coupling is used in numerous building structure, construction, and engineering works.

Grip or Pressed Coupler

Pressed Coupler is most effective solution by connecting the rebars directly on site, an absolute solution for joining with rebars for which otherwise would neither fulfill the requirements of a full lap splice nor allow the use of a threaded coupler joint.

Method Statement for Sift Parallel Threaded Couplers

SBT Couplers is parallel threaded system for reinforcing bars 16 mm, to 40mm diameter. They produce full strength joint in the rebar connection. The ends of the reinforcing bar to be jointed are cut square and then enlarged by cold forging process to increase their core diameters to ensure that the joint is stronger than rebar. The couplers are usually supplied attached to the reinforcing bars.

Rebar Splicing Process with SBT Couplers

The end of the reinforcing bars to be jointed is sawn cut. The sawn cut ends of the reinforcing bar is then enlarged by cold forging process to increase its core diameter. Standard metric thread is then cut onto the enlarged end. Finally splice the rebar by using SBT parallel threaded couplers.

Type A (When the connecting Rebar is Rotatable)

When the connecting rebar can be rotated, then end of the bars are threaded for half the length of the coupler. After threading, rotate the connecting rebar to the initially screwed coupler to fully engage the coupler.

Type B (When the both Bars are not Rotatable)

Even when both bars are not rotatable, then starter bar is threaded for the full coupler length to screw coupler onto the extended threads. Then complete assembly by butting the bars end to end and screw coupler onto the connecting rebar.


SBT Couplers are parallel threaded mechanical splicing system for reinforcing bars diameter 16 to 40 mm and are designed to provide full tensile strength. They are manufactured in compliance with BS 8110, ACI 318, DIN 1045, UBC 1997,DCL ISO 15835-Part 1-2009 steel and other international standards.

Technical Details of Best Notch SBT Rebar Couplers

1.SBT Threaded coupler:

Splicing Process

The end of the reinforcing bar is sawn cut.

Cold Forging
The sawn cut end of the reinforcing bar is enlarged by cold forging process, thus increase its core diameter.

Standard metric threads are then cut onto the enlarged end and cover by plastic caps to protest the thread of rebar.

Finally splice the rebar by using SBT Threaded couplers.

Type A: Rotatable Rebar Splice

Used where the connecting re-bar can be rotated, then end of the bars are threaded for half the length of the coupler.

Type B: Non-Rotatable Rebar Splice

Used where both re-bars are not rotatable, then starter bar is threaded for the full coupler length to screw coupler onto the extended threads.

Type C: Non-Rotatable Rebar Splice with Lock-Nut

Used where both re-bars are not rotatable, then starter bar is threaded for the full coupler + lock nut length to screw coupler and lock nut onto the extended threads.

Type D: Different Diameter Splice

Used to connect re-bars of different diameters by using reducing coupler.

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